The Road to Freedom from same sex attraction isn't meant to Be Walked Alone!

Session 1 - 8:30AM - 12:00PM - PASTORS, COMMUNITY, and CHURCH LEADERS

Therefore the morning session is geared toward Pastors, Church and Community Leaders who are looking for answers and guidance on some of the tough questions pertaining to the issue of same sex attraction, homosexuality, gay marriage, transgendered bathrooms, political issues, and God. The Main focus is how we love and protect the people affected, while still standing firm on God's Truth. How do we create a SafeExit in our churches, communities, and families.

While everyone is welcome to attend all three sessions of the conference, we have tried to make it easy for those limited on time to attend what is most important to them. 

ARRIVE EARLY for Check-in/Registration and Praise and Worship starting at 8am!

What do you do when your Worship Leader comes out of the closet?

What do you do when someone in your church needs help overcoming Same Sex Attraction?

How do you best support the members of your congregation 

when their families are being ripped apart by the effects of homosexuality?

Session 2 - 1:00PM - 4:30PM - PARENTS, FRIENDS, FAMILY, and OVERCOMERS

While the morning session is more geared toward how the church should respond to you and your family member who has or had same sex attraction, this session is more about personal insight into your loved one. During this session you will be introduced to the testimonies of several NWA Residents who have Overcome homosexuality, as well as parents who still have children in the lifestyle, or who have seen the victory come to pass in their child's lives.  This will be an inspiring time of HOPE, LOVE, FAITH, and HEALING for all those in attendance. We will also have a time of Q&A with our diverse panel of speakers as they share their insight on how God has helped them overcome the trials brought fourth through this difficult time in their lives.


We hope you will join us as we praise the King of Kings and Lord of Lords celebrating the delivering power of the Holy Spirit through the blood shed by God's only son, Jesus Christ!

Dennis Jernigan is a singer-songwriter of contemporary Christian music. He is native to Oklahoma, and headquarters a music-based Christian ministry from there. Jernigan now lives in Muskogee, Oklahoma with his wife and their nine children. Jernigan is a self-identified ex-gay, and has been married to his wife for more than 30 years.

What did we do wrong?

How did this happen and why didn't I see it sooner?

What could we have done differently?

Now that they are out, how do we protect them, love them, pray for them?